BirthWorks® Childbirth Education

Group and Private Classes

Birth Works classes are for any woman and her partner regardless of her birthing history. The group classes commonly have a mix of new parents and those with previous vaginal and/or cesarean births. All have a wonderful opportunity to learn and share from each other. Lifelong friendships often develop! 

Group classes are three days for 3-hours each day (a 9-hour class session) and are located in Leesburg, VA. Classes are ongoing.

Private classes can be however many hours we agree on. Topics discussed will be customized to your needs. Express classes are available!

Classes can be in your home, my home, or another location of your choosing.

Prices vary depending on length of classes

Some of the topics we will include in your session are:

  • Your unique history and family situation as it relates to your birth 
  • How to select the best birth team for you 
  • Overview of labor and birth, including vaginal births after cesareans 
  • Pros and cons of interventions 
  • Breathing in labor and birth 
  • The fear-tension-pain cycle 
  • How to heal from negative past experiences that can potentially affect your birth
  • Unexpected outcomes, discussion of childbearing losses, grieving and healing, grieving exercises and healing visualization 
  • Birth affirmations and how they can help you have a calmer birth 
  • Optimal fetal positioning/pelvic bodywork
    (ways to help your baby get into a good position to avoid a long labor)
  • The most effective positions to labor and birth in 
  • Comfort measures and coping techniques 
  • Visualization exercises to promote relaxation during birth 
  • Informed consent and your rights 
  • How to write a birth “wish list” 
  • What to expect after the birth 
  • Breastfeeding and parenting information 
  • Valuable resources for you to use if needed 

…A BirthWorks® book and a binder with the above information for you to keep is also included. These sessions may also include watching DVD’s for additional information as well as various exercises.